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You're Behind On Your Payments And You've Been Served With a Foreclosure Lawsuit. Do You Walk Away? What Are Your Options? Find Out!

Do You Need a Foreclosure Defense Attorney?

Losing your home is a scary prospect. You're behind on your payments and you've been served with a foreclosure lawsuit. Should you walk away, ride it out or hire a foreclosure defense attorney to fight for your home on your behalf? Those are great questions, but before you can make any decisions, you will need to know what a foreclosure defense attorney does, if you want to make an intelligent decision about hiring one.

What DOES a Foreclosure Defense Attorney DO?    

If you are facing a foreclosure, or are just behind on your mortgage, a foreclosure defense attorney will work with your lender to arrange a deal that would allow you to stay in your home while fighting the foreclosure in court on your behalf. Navigating the rules of the courts is difficult under any circumstances. Most attorneys are unaware of special procedural rules that prevail in foreclosure cases. If they miss the nuances of certain trial rules your chances greatly diminish. In addition, competent foreclosure defense attorneys can also help you avoid the foreclosure altogether. 


When Should You Consider Hiring a Foreclosure Defense Attorney?

You should consider hiring a foreclosure defense attorney as soon as you fall behind on your mortgage, long before the suit is filed, but obviously as soon as you are served with a summons. Many defenses are waived if you wait to hire the best to answer the suit. If you wait too long, important deadlines will be missed, as well as other issues that could prevent you from being able to keep your home, even if legal violations are found during the process. 

The advantages of using a foreclosure defense attorney are huge. A foreclosure defense attorney can help you:

  • Modify your loan
  • Help you with your loss mitigation options
  • Monitor the lender to ensure they follow the rules. If they did not, their mortgage may be unenforceable, and could leave your house paid for
  • Represent you in foreclosure mediation
  • Find errors the lender has made in the foreclosure process
  • Determine if the lender has breached your loan contract
  • Could find the lender didn't follow the proper foreclosure procedures under state and federal laws
  • Help protect your rights if you are an active military member
  • Additionally, if a foreclosure defense attorney makes a legitimate case and the court agrees, it could ultimately result in the lender considering a settlement or perhaps even the court dismissing the lawsuit

Why Should You Hire Welke Law Firm?

Your finances are not something to play around with; therefore, you don't want to hire just anyone and trust they will handle them properly. It pays to hire the best. And that's Welke Law Firm. Why?

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