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Custody Battles: Keeping the Child in Mind

We understand that ending a relationship or marriage is complicated, even more so with children involved. Child Custody battles can be the most bitter parts of divorce, especially when the two parties can not agree on a custody agreement. Above all else, both parties need to recognize the child’s needs before their own.

A judge will consider the following factors when settling a Custody Battle:

  • The age of the child
  • The wishes of each parent and child. 
  • The quality of the relationship between the children and each parent.
  • The health (both mental and physical) of each parent and the children.
  • The willingness of each parent to support the children's relationship with the other parent.
  • Whether either parent has been providing the majority of the children's care up to this point.
  • The ability of each parent to provide a safe, stable and loving environment.

Generally, the judge will look into the past of each parent, further examining for charges of domestic abuse or violence. In addition, the judge will consider false allegations of abuse or neglect brought on by the other parent. While making the other parent look bad may make you sound like a more responsible guardian, false accusations can actually hurt your chances of custody. It can also emotionally harm your child.

Finally, when the court the decision about custody arrangements for your child, make sure to follow and respect the court's arrangements. The court has made its decision based on the evidence from both parties and after consideration of many factors mentioned above. If you are awarded custody, keep the child in mind. Recognize the rights of the other parent to continue a relationship with the child, the child’s wishes, and your relationship. 

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