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How A Lawyer Can Help Collect Unpaid Child Support?

Your former spouse is obligated to provide for your children's well being if your divorce decree mandates them to do so. If they do not honor this agreement, you have recourse to take them to court. Each state has Child Support Enforcement (CSE) programs where you can get help from prosecutors to collect overdue child support payments. Regardless of what states you and your former spouse live in,  you can seek help using CSE. Under the Deadbeat Parents Punishment Act of 1998, noncustodial parents are committing a felony if they simply move to another state to avoid paying child support.

However, you may need a lawyer's assistance in collecting unpaid child support as it is the most efficient option. Prosecutors and caseworkers with CSE programs are often overworked and understaffed. The noncustodial parent's refusal to pay child support is also causing you undue emotional and financial distress that an experienced family lawyer can help alleviate.

Depending on what state the noncustodial parent lives in, the process of filing a petition is daunting. Other states have different family law than Indiana laws, and every family's situation is unique. Communication, or lack thereof, with the noncustodial parent can also complicate the situation further.

How Can a Lawyer Make It Easier to Claim Unpaid Child Support in Arrears?

Enforcement of child support agreements can be stressful and complicated for both parents. By hiring a family lawyer, you will get the following:

  • Explanation of child support calculations
  • Assessment of both parents' finances to determine whether a modification is due
  • Clarification of terms in child support court orders
  • Answers to questions you and the non-custodial parent have about the rules and regulations surrounding child support enforcement
  • Filing relevant court documents
  • Collection and enforcement of child support payments
  • Court proceedings and negotiations for all child support related matters

By hiring a family lawyer, you can expedite the process of having child support payments enforced and have peace of mind that you and your children's best interests are being looked out for.