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Six Quick Bankruptcy Facts!

1. Chapter 11 Bankruptcy is for businesses only. Individual people cannot declare chapter 11. When a business declares Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the business is simply restructured – the company does not close and it can continue to operate, although a trustee may manage the assets.

2. Some individuals may be required to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Under new bankruptcy laws in the United States, if your income is over a certain level – the median income for your state – and your disposable income – the amount you have left over after you pay all your debts – is high enough, then you will not be eligible to file the simpler Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

3. Not all debts are forgiven when you file Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Under Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you are put on a court mandated payment plan. This means you don’t get a clean slate. You have to pay back a portion of your debts to creditors, depending on how much money you have available to you and how much you owe.

No Problem!  Call:  317-748-7772

No Problem!  Call: 317-748-7772

4. Chapter 7 bankruptcy wipes out almost all debts. If your income is low enough to file for a Chapter 7, this will mean that almost all of your debts are eliminated. Debt collectors will not legally be allowed to contact you about those debts or to attempt to collect the money for those debts.

5. Creditors can occasionally force you into involuntary bankruptcy. If your debts are extremely high, creditors can petition the court to ask the judge to declare you bankrupt. If the judge does so, he may put you on a court mandated payment plan.

6. You may be able to keep your home, even when you declare bankruptcy. There are homestead exemptions in most states that allow you to keep your house, no matter what kind of bankruptcy you declare.

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