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What is Bankruptcy

Don’t Let Bankers Intimidate You! With 30 Years Experience Practicing Bankruptcy Law, We Will Help You Get Your Life Back! 

Bankruptcy Law Firm With 30 Years of Experience! 

Today it seems like too many of us are just one surgery, layoff, or divorce away from financial instability. The bankruptcy code was designed to help ordinary citizens get a fresh start from creditors. Unfortunately, our system can be very unfriendly to the ordinary citizens it’s supposed to protect, in favor of the well-heeled bankers and business leaders.


You need a voice in the system, and we want to be that voice. There is a reason why we chose the bulldog as our logo: Our bite is lot worse than our bark!  We love to take a bite out of a banker, and help you get your financial life back in order.

Brent Welke and his team has worked in the bankruptcy field for over 30 years. You can rely on our experience and expertise to help you dissolve all or most of your debts. We can also help you re-establish your credit, so you can get a fresh start.